It’s What You Don’t See That Matters

It’s what you don’t see that matters.
Are you one who thinks, “how difficult can it be to sell a home?”  Well, you hire a Lawyer for legal matters and a Doctor for medical issues, so why wouldn’t you hire a Realtor to assist you with one of the largest assets you’ll ever own?  Contract to Close as we say, requires an experienced professional.  Knowledge in Real Estate comes from many closings, buying and selling and honestly, it’s the ones last don’t close that teach us to be more efficient.  That’s right, “your Realtors strength is in their failure”.

I wanted to share a recent compliment I was given by the listing agent of a home I was showing my buyers.  When I indicated potential issues and then stated the remedy needed prior to the appraisal of the property, which could effect my buyers ability to get financing. The listing agent said to my clients, “you have an awesome agent here, very knowledgeable”.  Why is this important?  Well, aside from the obvious, without financing you can’t purchase the property,  a buyer risks losing their deposit and a seller risks effecting their timeline and possibly another escrow and deposit, as well.  Being able to anticipate a situation and take control of the outcome generally means you’ve avoided a problem that may not be correctable after the fact.

That same buyer only qualified for FHA and at a max loan amount of $355,000, however, they had a substantial amount of cash reserves.   When we finally found the home of their dreams it was listed at $379,000, and it also needed about $10,000 in cosmetic repairs.  After careful review of the numbers with my buyer, I called the listing agent, keep in mind, he knew I was a “closer” and Realtors only want to work with other professionals.  I told him up front what my buyers best offer was and why it was in his sellers best interest to consider our offer, at $351,000. It was simple, my buyer was restricted on loan amount, however, had the cash required to complete the repairs, where most of the buyers looking in that price range, did not.   Within 24 hours we opened escrow with both a happy buyer and happy seller at $355,000 and in less than 30 days later, my buyer moved in!

Selling Real Estate isn’t just about putting up a “for sale sign” it’s about marketing, negotiating, the things you don’t see and caring!

Would You Be My “Realtor”?

How do you decide what doctor delivers your baby, what mechanic fixes your car or what athletic coach teaches your child to succeed in the sport of their choice? Everyday we are faced with the decision to use a “professional”. How often have we made the wrong choice based on lack of knowledge or time to do the proper research and the result has costed us more money and sometimes worse.

Choosing the right “professional” to assist us with the selling or buying process of a home, one of the largest investments you”ll ever make, is just as important, don’t you think? I have heard so many times how my Realtor didn’t do this or didn’t do that. My first response is generally “how did you find your Realtor and what made you choose them to assist you with such a big and important step in your future?”. The answers vary, but the decision process is generally the same. Most don’t know that there are Realtors and then there are realtors. The National Association of Realtors only allows its members to use the designation. It’s members are not only bound by a “code of ethics”, but, care enough about their profession and most of all their clients to stay educated and knowledgable about the Real Estate Industry. When you see Green, SFR, SRES, ABR and so many more abbreviations it means that Realtor takes the time to go back to school to educate themselves more in depth to better help their clients successfully

When selling your home it’s important to choose a Realtor with a strong client base and marketing plan, for example, my sphere of influence is well over 5000. That means that when I list your home everyone in my email, Facebook, LinkedIn,etc. will be immediately notified and a large portion are also my fellow Realtors who also have large spheres of influence that then become notified. This is in addition to spending marketing dollars to those we don’t know. My “Tool Box” also includes professional cleaning, photographer and staging at no additional cost.

When buying a home, you don’t want someone to show you houses, you want a Realtor that knows the market and can negotiate a price that makes sense for the home size and location and understands your needs, wants and desires enough to find YOU your “Dream Home”! I have a list of very satisfied buyers I can share with you.

So, with that being said, my advice to you is don’t choose a Realtor because it’s your neighbor, sister Inlaw, nephew, friends brother, but choose a Realtor because you believe they are going to work hard for YOU and take their profession and YOU serious enough to to do what’s in YOUR “Best Interest” and has the knowledge and skill to do so!


Change, Are You Ready For It?

We all know change is never easy, especially when it’s forced. The best thing to do is to embrace it knowing that a realm of opportunities now awaits us. Whether you’re moving up, moving down or moving across,…you are moving forward! As we turn the pages in our own books the story doesn’t end it keeps beginning with each new chapter giving us another experience, a new direction and many new friends that will carry us on throughout the chapters ahead. When we are moving up it always seems much easier. We are getting a promotion, having children, buying a bigger home, moving to another state,… We are progressing the way we should, the way we are expected. Moving down or moving across, isn’t as easy and often harder to accept for many. The pessimist sees their life is half over, the children no longer need them, the job now pays them to stay home or they need to make a change they had not planned for. The optimist, however, embraces the thought that now I can accomplish the things still on my “bucket list” I never thought I’d get to! Sometimes a marriage ends before we want it to, sometimes a spouse is taken much sooner than expected or sometimes we realize we climbed too fast and too high and now we need to be realistic about what’s important and what’s attainable. Either way,.. Life is to be lived and if you’re not going through a change or an adjustment,… Perhaps you’re not really living it!

Feeling a Little Like Wilma and Betty




I love my Spa Time and as a Designer I really loved the look and feel of the Sahra Spa located in the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas. As I made my way down the long narrow hallway leading into the ladies dressing area I was in aw with its beauty and I couldn’t help, but feel every surface from the roughness of the natural finish of the walls to the polished finish of the floor. From the moment you enter throughout the entire spa you will find “Las Vegas Rock”. A meta-quartzite stone that is very durable and quarried right there in Las Vegas! The colors are absolutely breathtaking and with every slab each has its own pattern and array of colors that represent the reds, yellows and browns of the desert. Depending on whether it’s polished or split faced, each has it own individual uniqueness that glows with the lights reflection. When compared to other untreated hard polished surfaces it has an extraordinarily high “slip resistant” quality, making it a perfect surface choice.

A very relaxing atmosphere I had a wonderful 90 minute massage and then spent several hours in the very Zen surroundings which are now one of my absolute favorites. I did feel a little like Wilma and Betty though, being surrounded by all that natural Las Vegas Rock!

**Also considered a “green product” U.S. Green Building Council,… For more information on Las Vegas Rock please go to their website:

Go Green!

Go Green! No, I’m not referring to the Greenbay Packers, although, no doubt many cheese heads are cheering right now. Green as in “Energy Efficient”, “Sustainable Products” and “Water Conservation”. As homeowners we have the ability to contribute while energy efficient upgrades add value to our homes. There are some very simple projects for homeowners such as replacing current bath and kitchen fixtures with “low flow” toilets, shower heads, faucets and changing to a “Tankless Water Heater” or “High Efficiency Furnace”. SoCal Gas offers up to $4.500 in incentives on an Advanced Home Upgrade Package. This is where every nook and cranny in your home is examined by a participating contractor or Whole-House Energy Rater. They identify ways for you to save the most energy. There is also an “Energy Savings Assistance” program available to those that qualify. You can find information on these and other current programs, energy tips, news and rebates being offered at Keep in mind most programs have a limited time period so you may need to act quickly.

Resolutions & Reorganization

So here it is, the New Year! If you’re like me, you have been reflecting for about a week or even two now on your successes and failures of 2013. Well, now it’s here and it’s time to clean house, literally. Don’t just make New Years Resolutions, but really take an inventory of your spiritual and physical being. Reorganize and declutter not only your mind, but your home. After all it’s a new year, new day and a new you. Clean out those closets and donate old and unused items to your favorite charity. Paint a room a new color like Red or Orange to bring energy into your space. Remove the clutter from your counters and shelves to simplify and redesign your furniture, even discard extra pieces to make room for the flow of positive energy throughout your home. Then, clear your mind of all negative thoughts and clear your social calendar of all the people that would rather dwell on the past and procrastinate about the future. Now, a hot tip I’d like to share with you to get you focussed on whats important to you this year. The “vision board”. If you write it down, you remember it. If you have to look at it all the time, you will “Make it Happen”! The power of the mind is incredible, just try it. Download one of my favorite apps VB Collage.